Venezuela celebrates with Cuba the approval of its new Magna Carta

The People and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela celebrate together with the People and Government of the Republic of Cuba a new demonstration of exercising the political and democratic consciousness following the approval of the New Constitution, with an overwhelming participation of 81,53% of the Cuban People.

Battles waged by the Cuban Revolution along history are the size of its commitment with the human values and the construction of a fair and peace-loving society. Marti’s spirit lies in every action of its people which reminds his words: “making is the best way of saying”. The Cuban people once more moves forward to consolidate the legacy of Fidel, El Ché and every men and women who devoted their lives for the Homeland and the wellbeing of their people.

Heroic Cuba, the one resisting the attack of imperialism, the one who always lift up the dignified face before adversities, the one who builds from its People’s grassroots a legacy of education, culture and solidarity; such Revolutionary Cuba called itself to a historic journey of reflection on the new challenges of the present historical time, and now shows to the world what consciousness and political will for the consolidation of the Revolution really are.

The Venezuelan Government and people join and celebrate this new milestone of the revolutionary Cuba and reaffirm its commitment of solidarity and brotherhood with its people. We remind the heartfelt words of the Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez in 1994, in a visit hosted by Fidel that signaled the commitment of both revolutionary leaders: “Cuba is a bastion of the Latin American dignity and must be seen, followed and fed as such”.

Let the peoples build together the socialist utopia of a fairer world. Let us walk on the path towards the grassroots’ dignity and profound democracy. Let us continue defending our right to self-determination, Independence and sovereignty. Let us continue working together for the future!

Long live the People of Cuba!

Caracas, February 27th, 2019